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A complete branding and design project 

At the beginning of my 2018 internship with E & J Gallo Winery I was given this insight from the market research team and asked to dig deeper and create a new brand proposal to answer to this consumer need.

“ Consumers are shifting the alcohol behaviors in pursuit of healthier lifestyles. They are more mindful of their consumption as they strive to manage their health, and are seek brands that address this need.”

Health & Wellness Deep Dive

With this market situation in mind, I went ahead and took a deep dive into the data bases I had available and found the following statistics about this developing target consumer. This is what I found: 

>90% of consumers who think about health and wellness as “very important” also found the following traits “very important”: 

  • Self-awareness

  • Innovation

  • Authenticity

  • Continuous Learning

  • Appreciating nature & the arts

>50% of “heavy wine drinkers” would drink more wine if wine had fewer calories

Consumers rank their desire to try a new alcohol beverage with healthy ingredients as a 3.5/5

Overall, we can see a general trend toward “more of the good stuff” rather than “less of the bad stuff.” 

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User Persona: Meet Emily

Once I had completed my User Research and deep dive into Health and Wellness I created my User Persona. 

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Education: College Educated

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Teacher, Research, a job that makes an impact is important to her

Relationship Status: Single

Location: “Healthy Cities” Portland, Cincinnati, Seattle 

Interests & Personality:

- Wellness: yoga/pilates, sustainability, active but not competitive

- Quality: coffee snob, farmer’s markets

- Social & Socially Aware: very into Instagram, very social and in the know, reads self-improvement books over fiction, loves casual hang outs with friends

Emily's Core Beliefs & Need State

Once I had my User Persona complete I elaborated further and created the following core beliefs for Emily to better understand the way she thinks so I could make sure my brand was always relating back to my target consumer. Once I had these written out I also worked to understand the Need State Emily was experiencing when she was looking for my product. This would help me to understand the why behind my target consumer's purchasing.


Core Beliefs


Taking care of the plant is part of our civic duty

New ways of thinking and alternative solutions are important

Natural products are better for me and the planet

Taking care of myself is not just something I should do but something I enjoy

I am striving to be a better person everyday, but I am content with who I am


“It’s the little things I do everyday that make the biggest difference”

Need State

Who: Young female age approx. 25 who is focused on self-improvement with a global perspective


Where/With Whom: with friends, small groups (2-5 people), at home, looking to make deeper connections


Need: A refreshing drink that will compliment/add to the ambiance without overpowering it.


Needstate: Mindfulness

Sierra Nevada.png
Ballast Point copy.png
Budweiser copy.png
Spiked Seltzer.png

Competitive Landscape

Once I had a clear understanding of who the Target Consumer is, I then conducted a competitor analysis to find the white space for this new brand. Looking across the alcohol beverage category, I could see that if we looked at the traditional alcohol offerings in the low ABV space there were many options ranging from mass production to small-batch artisan brands. There was also a clear emerging category that was innovative and new in the mass production sector of business with brands like Truly, Whiteclaw, and Spiked Seltzer beginning to take off. However there were no brands that answered to the small-batch, artisan, high quality request of the consumer in this new emerging marketspace. This was the whitespace I decided to target with this new brand.

Brand Universe

With this newly ideated white space and my target consumer in mind I created the following brand universe to guide the rest of my design process. I wanted this to be detailed enough to thoroughly understand what the brand is and stand for but also succinct enough to be a quick reference for each branding decision I made throughout the rest of this process. This brand universe became incredibly helpful in my collaboration with the creative team as we decided on the brand's final look and feel for the packaging. To the right you can also see the final concept of the brand's packaging that was created with this brand universe as its North Star. 


Vision: A happy healthy population that lives in harmony with the earth

Mission: To do more than just make and sell high quality product 

Consumer Insight: The connections I make with myself, with others and the planet, are what really matter at the end of the day

Core Values: Self-Improvement, Globally Conscious, Authenticity, Intentionality 

Brand Promise: Refreshment with a conscious 

Badge Value: Mindfulness 

Intrinsic Brand features: Wine based, Made with coconut water, 5% alcohol, Comes in a four-pack, Recyclable, reusable, no plastic label, swing top

Extrinsic Brand features: Clean, Modern, Purposeful, Intentional. Artisan, Approachable, Hipster 

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Brand Story

HUMANKIND is about the connections we make and the legacy we leave behind. We wanted to produce a high-quality beverage to compliment the lifestyle of the globally minded. Our product is carefully crafted with ingredients purposefully blended together to refresh, and packaged with recyclability and reusability in mind. We want to inspire others to think big, create their own innovative solutions, and do something everyday (big or small) to leave this world a little better than they found it. We pride ourselves on creating a beverage with a conscious because people do more than just consume and brands should do more than just make and sell. 

Brand Mood Board 

Here you can see some of the brand's inspiration photos I curated to further illustrate the look mood and feel I wanted to evoke. I have also included the list of what the brand is vs what it is not which I used to help explain the brand swiftly and succinctly in cross-functional meetings throughout this process.    



Hipster– Downtown Portland | Purposeful | Modern | Artisan | Elegant 

Is Not:

Hippy– Backwoods | Radical | Cold/Hard | Gimmicky/Girly

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Brand Goliath & Launch Plan

Since everything about the brand is new (product, package, story etc.) helping distributors, store owners, and consumers understand what the product is and how to handle it could become a major challenge. Knowing this could become a larger issue and affect the potential success of the brand, I built out a comprehensive launch plan to tackle this challenge. 

Shipping container structures are very hot right now, with people recycling them and using them as housing. This housing movement has inspired some brands to use these shipping containers as pop-up stores as they are easily transportable. As recycling and reusability are core values of my target consumer for this brand I decided that HUMANKIND would have a shipping container test store that would travel around the country and set up at different artisan festivals (i.e outside lands, Sasquatch music festival, etc.) so we could share an explain and share our product directly twitch our target consumers. 

Here you can see the shipping container model I constructed as well as examples and inspiration photos I chose to further illustrate the concept. 

Lastly I came up with the KPI’s for the launch to verify the potential of this brand’s success and validate the push to market would be : Events - 500,000 reusable straws given out, 400,00 samples given out, 300,000 merchandise items sold, 1,000,000 traditional media impressions made Sales- Bottles sold at events, Rate of sales on E&E (a company tool that essentially works as a “made to order” platform for all new wine brands being tested) Digital- 1.5 million social media impressions 500,000 website visits

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